18:38 minmit Ton
Ab 18


Egyptischer Latexsex

The 2 Egyptian #rubber royals are still enjoying each others latex #sealed bodies in their private tent in the sand. The #LatexPrincess has gotten extra horny and cant resist climbing onto her Pharaoh in skintight latex so please him.To cool him down, she is using the palm branch to fan his sexy body. Then taking out his rock hard cock, she slowly uses her warm mouth to please her Latex God. Their sealed and shiny bodies work in their 69 as their moans fill the clear night air. Soon she needs his exposed member into her tight wet loins, she climbs onto her Pharaoh’s cock and their encased bodies become one. After both bring each other to orgasm several times, they embrace in a kiss. Knowing they are gods in latex and will share many more royal rubber adventures together.
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