About Latex Lara

Personal Infos about Latex Lara

It all started a few years ago, where my play partner ordered a custom made latexcatsuit ! In addition he got a latexmask , latexgloves and latexsocks.

We spent some time in a nice fetish apartment for me to try it all on the first time and we took pictures. It was a very unusal feeling but it started a major addiction.

He lived quite far away, so we weren t able to meet anymore and I started shooting videos by myself and offering them in a shop.
Then a cameraman contacted me to shoot some videos, I was still shy about it, but we had a little shooting.

In some videos he was my naked slave and in others I was solo. That was probably the main offset of my fetish .

After that my collection of fetish gear grew tremendously. More and more fun videos and photos with other rubber fetishists

and learning everything about latex and also the intensive work and effort thats behind all that, filled my life.

It always was major fun to see the shiny content and every penny coming in, was put into stylish locations, equipment and outfits.

Whenever we got a chance, we will rubber up and shoot our colorful latexfetish videos.

But stay in touch to see when we are live on cam.

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